The South Island of New Zealand hosts a rich and diverse wildlife population of both alpine and lowland game species.

The highly sought after big game animals found in the South Island are Red Stag (Cervus Elaphus), Elk Bull (Wapiti, or Cervus Canadensis), Bull Tahr (Hemitragus Emlaicus), Chamois Buck (Rupicapra Rupicapra), Fallow Buck, South Pacific Goat and Aarapawa Ram. 

Game birds can be an exciting addition to a hunting trip in New Zealand.  Waterfowl include duck (Mallard, Grey and Paradise Shelduck), Canada Goose and Black Swan.  Upland game birds include California Quail, Pheasant and Merriam's Turkey.  Many of these game birds have very liberal bag limits.

With a comparatively mild winter, superb terrain and a lush feed source, game animals flourish in New Zealand, consistently producing some of the best hunting experiences in the world.