The Southern Alps are host to an expansive game population. With a temperate climate and in the absence of any natural predators, hunting provides excitement and trophy opportunities whilst also providing an important and essential conservation benefit. A hand picked team of professional and highly experienced guides possess comprehensive local knowledge allowing guests to safely access remote areas of wilderness. Non-hunting companions are welcome to enjoy a wide range of exciting or relaxing activities on offer.



The highly sought after big game animals found in the South Island are Red Stag (Cervus Elaphus), Elk Bull (Wapiti, or Cervus Canadensis), Bull Tahr (Hemitragus Emlaicus), Chamois Buck (Rupicapra Rupicapra), Fallow Buck, South Pacific Goat and Aarapawa Ram. 

Minaret Station Hunting


Minaret Station privately owns a 50,000 acre parcel of wilderness providing guests with exclusive access to prime hunting territory in the Southern Alps. In addition to this Minaret Station holds independent concessions to hunt on conservation lands covering some four million acres including National Parks. The region’s terrain is nothing short of dramatic. Gently undulating lowlands are shouldered by steep ridges rising to permanent snow fields. Clearly defined vegetation zones separate densely forested hillsides, sub alpine scrubland and open mountain-tops

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The professional hunting guides at Minaret Station are committed to providing guests with a world-class hunting experience. Minaret Station guides are well acquainted with the terrain and game species in New Zealand. Many have also spent numerous seasons guiding internationally, bringing a wealth of knowledge to enhance your experience. They are skilled at assessing a hunters’ personal ability and thus ensuring success. Whether guests are well seasoned and internationally experienced, or looking to pick up a rifle for the first time, the guides have the ability to adapt their expertise accordingly, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction is achieved. Minaret Station guides are members of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association and are further trained specifically to exceed industry benchmarks.

Day Hunt Trophy Fees


Red Stag

Minaret Open

350 – 500 SCI - NZD $11,250

Minaret Select (Guaranteed by size)

300 – 340 SCI - NZD $6,750

341 – 380 SCI - NZD $11,250

381 – 420 SCI - NZD $15,750

421 – 460 SCI - NZD $20,250

461 – 500 SCI - NZD $24,750

500+ SCI - NZD POI


<300 - NZD $6,000

301 - 340 SCI - NZD $9,000

341 - 360 SCI - NZD $12,000

361 - 380 SCI - NZD $16,500

381 - 400 SCI - NZD $22,500

401 - 420 SCI - NZD $28,500

421+ SCI - NZD POI

Other Species

Tahr - NZD $9,750

Chamois - NZD $8,250

Fallow Buck - NZD $5,250

South Pacific Goat - NZD $2,250

Arapawa Ram - NZD $2,250

Guide service with initial cleaning and preparation of trophies. Transport to hunting areas by helicopter, four-wheel drive or by boat.

Taxidermy or expediting. Accommodation at Minaret Station Alpine Lodge.